Bulk Solid Waste


Bulk Solid Waste is defined as the following per our contract with Modern Disposal – Large/Bulk items shall consist of refuse which is too large or too heavy to place inside a 95 gallon issued refuse cart, but can be managed by two (2) contractor employees. The term includes discarded small household furniture, bedding and mattresses (mattress and box spring count as one item), hot-water tanks, and carpet (rolls, each no larger than 4ft long and 18 inches wide is one item). This will also include large appliances (white goods) such as stoves, dishwashers, dryers, washing machines, refrigerators that have a certification sticker from a certified technician stating that the freon is removed, scrap metal, and other residential appliances. This term DOES NOT include air conditioners, covered electronic equipment (CEE), microwave-emitting equipment, microwave ovens, and regulated material. Modern will also pick up three (3) bags of trash that are outside the cart during bulk collection week ONLY. Each bag will be counted as one (1) bulk item. If you put out an extra bag during a regular pick up week, Modern will leave it at the curb unless you have purchased an “Extra Bag Tag” from the Village Clerk’s office that is clearly visible on the bag. Please call the Village Clerk’s office if you have any questions.

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