March 05, 2013

A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was held on Tuesday, March 5, 2013, in the Village Hall. Mayor Westcott opened the meeting at 6:00 p.m. Also present were Deputy Mayor Conley, Trustee Blumrick, Trustee Hinkson, Trustee McAvoy, Coordinator Dodge, Police Chief Swick, and Clerk-Treasurer Schweigert. Discussed proposal offered by M. P. Fagan, Ltd., regarding the $40,000 public relations grant the Village was awarded in 2008. Copies of the proposal were distributed to the Board members for their review. Discussed proposed revenues for 2013-2014 budget. Clerk Schweigert went over each line item and explained how she arrived at the amount. A motion was made by Deputy Mayor Conley, and seconded by Trustee Hinkson, to accept the proposed revenues for the 2013-2014 budget. Carried unanimously. Discussed the possibility of increase parking ticket rates. They have not been increased in many years. This will be explored in the future and possibly put into effect for November 2013, when we start enforcing overnight parking again. Discussed the expenditures for the 2013-2014 budget. Clerk Schweigert went over each line and explained how the amounts were figured. A few items were addressed in the public works department. Returned to the issue of a contract with M.P. Fagan, Ltd., for public relations services. The following resolution was offered by Deputy Mayor Conley, who moved its adoption, and seconded by Trustee Hinkson, WHEREAS, the Village of Middleport has struggled for years with an image issue due to the ongoing arsenic investigation, and WHEREAS, NYS Senator George Maziarz has recognized this problem, and WHEREAS, the Senator awarded the Village of Middleport a $40,000 member item to assist with the rehabilitation of the Village’s reputation, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Village will enter into a contract with M. P. Fagan, Ltd., at a cost of $40,000 for positive public relation assistance to rehabilitate the reputation of the Village of Middleport. The vote on the above resolution was as follows: Deputy Mayor Conley, aye; Trustee Blumrick, aye; Trustee Hinkson, aye; Trustee McAvoy, aye; Mayor Westcott, aye. Nays: none. Abstentions: none. Absent: none. The resolution was unanimously passed. Discussed the need for another meeting to discuss tax levy and wages. A motion was made by Trustee McAvoy, and seconded by Trustee Bateman, to set another budget meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7, 2013, in the Village Hall. Motion carried unanimously. There being no other business, a motion was made by Trustee Hinkson, and seconded by Deputy Mayor Conley, to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Rebecca A. Schweigert Clerk-Treasurer
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