Tax bills are issued by the Clerk's office.  The Village's fiscal year is June 1 to May 31 of each year.  The tax billing date is June 1 of each year.  Per NYS law, you have until July 1 of each year to pay your taxes without penalty.  Any bills unpaid as of July 2 will have a 5 percent penalty added on.  Unpaid bills as of August 1 have an additional 1 percent penalty added on, and another 1 percent is added on in September and October, as well.  Should a tax bill remain unpaid as of November 1, the amount is turned over to the Niagara County Tax Office for collection. 


If you did not receive a tax bill and should have, you are still responsible for any unpaid penalties.  The NYS Comptroller's office says that property owners should be aware of the bills they are responsible for, and thus, should know when bills should arrive. 


If your mortgage is paid in full and your taxes were paid through an escrow account,  please be sure to contact the Clerk's office with this information to make sure future tax bills are sent to you.  Although  banks are supposed to notify us when a mortgage is paid in full, this doesn't always happen.

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